Magnolia Mom

Saturday, November 04, 2006


The last few weeks have been a busy time around our house. Not the "can't sit down or stop for a minute" kind of busy. More of a "we have time but things are happening" kind of busy. We have been trying to cure rufferita of her wood cravings in an effort to save the house. It is a losing battle. We were also trying to find the "perfect" halloween costume for little man, he finall decided on the pirate over the wolfman and the ninja. We have also been having bouts of sickness. I do not know WHAT has been going on but either myself or my mother have been sick with something from the last three weeks. Mom is having ongoing problems with her blood pressure and the B12 deficiency, and I, myself, have thought I was dying more than once lately from being so sick. I keep getting this recurring sinus migraine with vomiting and fever. It will last about a day then ,disappear for a week and come back to visit again. BUT in the middle of all this Little Man made the Honor Roll! YEP,all A's and B's, even after three suspensions and a three day hospital stay. I am a most proud mama! On the down side he has had five good weeks of perfect behavior, in school and at home, and now some problems have resurfaced. He is having trouble controling his agression again and is starting to have spells like he did before he started the seizure medicine. I am hoping a simple adjustment of the trileptal will fix things. But overall, still a proud mama!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Witless Wonder

I know I have not been posting lately and I can not even apologize. There has simply been nothing happening around here and frankly I have been running so many errands lately I have not had time to even get near the computer. But today I have the time, a little reprieve anyway. We have three dogs. One indoor/outdoor Jack Russell I call Co-depenedent and two outdoor dogs, a lab/daschund mix named Jackie girl, and a German Sheperd/Collie mix named Rufferita. Little Man named the outdoor dogs, strays we rescued from the road. CD and Jackie girl are intelligent and show their intelligienc all the time, in avariety of ways. Ruff, on the other hand, I have nicknamed the "witless wonder". I always thought that german sheperds and collies were intelligent dogs but she has made me rethnk that stance. I can look at her and almost hear the wind whistling between her ears. Don't get me wrong, I love her. She is a joy to watch and always happy to see us. So happy she can not resist jumping up and giving us a "hug" and a lick whenever we come through the fence, or out the door. But she also chews on the house! I am not making this up, she is slowly eating our house. She has already eaten our plum tree. Before we rescued her we had a medium to small plum tree in the front yard. It is gone now, thanks to Ruff. At first I thought she was just teething, after all, she is still a puppy. The vet said she was no more than six months old. Now I think she has pica, you know, the disease where you have the uncontrollable urge to eat strange things, dirt, glass, etc. I really think the dog has it, she is always eating wood and bringing odd things up from the back and chewing them up, I recently found and old pie plate she dug up from somewhere and chewed to a pulp. Leave it to us to have the odd dogs on the block, Jeeper's is co-dependent, Ruff has pica, and Jackie? Well, she just looks odd.

Monday, October 09, 2006


During Little Man's last hospital stay his doctor increased his ADHD medication. He takes Dexedrine because he has had severe reactions to the more common ones like ritalin and strattera. He was already taking 15mg. twice a day and she increased it to 20mg twice a day. I thought this meant that instead of taking one 15mg. capsule he would be taking two 10mg. capsules, but noooo, that was not the case. The pharmacist, in all his brilliant wisdom, decided that instead of two 10mg.capsules he would break the 20mg. into 4, count them, four 5mg. pills, twice a day. That means that Little Man now has to take a total of 7 pills in the morning when it could have been a more manageable five. Brilliant huh? Can you tell I am not amused?

Saturday, October 07, 2006

YIPEE! 10 Pounds GONE!

Last week I started yet another diet. This is something I do every now and then, try harder than I already am to lose more weight. I know I need to, I can see for myself how much I have gained, even Little Man has pointed out that I need to lose. I don't eat that much during the day, my problem is at night when I am just sitting around with not much to do so I get the urge to eat. Unlike my other attempts though, this one seems to be working! It is the diet. After I filled out a profile and got my bmi (body mass index) score, it prompted me to sign up, which I did after a little research. Then I got my menu and shopping list for the week. I admit, after looking at some of the stuff on the menu I thought it was all a joke, but off I went to the grocery store anyway. After cooking some of the recipes, chicken in florentine sauce, spicy beef kabobs, korean noodle chicken, I did not care if I lost weight on the diet or not. The meals were GREAT! My mother even agreed. But the biggest surprise came when it was time to weigh in at the end of the week. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had actually lost 10 pounds! I think I may stick to this one. Only ***more to go!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah

Things have been slow around here the last few days, hence the title of the post. Everyday normal stuff, nothing really to post about. The only close to exciting thing to happen was a semi-funny phone call from Little Man's social worker at the school. She was calling to ask me to NOT use storage bowls in his lunch box anymore because he was using the tops as frisbees at lunchtime. I should go now because I need to get ziploc baggies for his lunchbox.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Three Day Hospital Stay

After the suspension, Little Man's psychiatrist recommended that he go back into the behavioral hospital for some "brush up" lessons on social skills. Not an easy decision to make but we decided that it made sense. There are not any other children out here around us. We live in the country, which is why we can have so many pets, but, no one for Little Man to play with. Also, he was already out of school for a week and it made more sense to have him in the hospital reinforcing social skills than sitting on the couch at home watching the mold grow. It was still an incredibly hard thing to do to him. He said he understood but he was still scared. To top things off, after the suspension I called his father. He has not contacted us in quite a while. It was basically the "your child needs a father so be one" speech but it seemed to work. He called him the next night, but it was also at the time we were getting ready to walk out the door to go to the hospital. Little Man's face lit up when I told him who was on the phone, but he seemed like he was scared of saying anything that would scare his father off. It broke my heart. I basically stayed in bed or on the couch for three days knowing I did the right thing but still fighting the urge to go get him out. That is the main reason I did not post for a while.

Saturday, September 30, 2006


I have written about Little Man before, so if this is not your first visit here you know he is my 7 year old joy, my heart and soul. He also has a condition that is similar to asperger's syndrome. Now I am told it is a pervaisive developmental disorder, in the same category as asperger's. He has absolutely no social skills, he does not really know how to handle social situations, conversations, confrontations, etc., he is learning as they happen. Unfortunetely he is not learning them the easy way. He has been suspended three times this year and school only started August tenth. The first two were for physical confrontations, one on the playground and one on the school bus. Both happened because he was being picked on, HE thought. As I said, he can not always "read" the situation correctly and after having been truly bullied last year he is determined not to be this year. We, the vice principal, counselor, social worker, psychiatrist, as well as his mamo and I, told him he could not get physical with others, to use words or walk away and tell someone. Well, he listened. This last time he was in a line in the hallway for something, bathroom, water, lunch, I don't know, and another boy was singing. Little Man is "sensitive" to noises so he asked the boy to stop and he did not. He asked him again and still did not get a response so he told the teacher. She knows what to look for with L.M. to tell if he has reached his limit but admits she missed the signals this time so the boy kept singing. L.M. turned around and told the boy "if you don't stop I will shoot you with a bullet and stab you." I know this sounds bad, I freaked out when the school called and told me, until I had time to think about it and talk to some professionals. We all told him he could not get physical, so he didn't get physical. He used the strongest words he could that he thought would achieve the result he needed. And truth be told, it worked, the boy stopped singing. And L.M. was suspended for a week. He wants to know now what he should have done because he tried everythng we told him and he STILL got in trouble. He can't win for losing.